North Coast Tiny house construction Project

North Coast Tiny House Build

Tiny house construction
Partially completed tiny house

Why are we building a Tiny House?

I’ve always wanted to build a house , however when we found the property that we live on unfortunately it already had a house. Although we don’t totally love the house we couldn’t bare to or afford to tear it down. 

We live on 6.5 acres in Northern New South Wales, Australia . The house is located on a hillside surrounded by Eucalyptus forest at the top of the hill and rainforest down the bottom. 

We are also lucky enough to have multiple waterfalls.

Recently my In laws showed interest in spending their winters up here with us for three months at a time. Well what better opportunity to build a tiny house on our property for them and other guests to stay in . I’ve actually been saying to my wife we should move up there .